Claire Smith, born in 1969 Portsmouth England, works primarily in acrylic on canvas.

Her work focuses on capturing the beauty of nature by abstracting and refocusing the viewers perspective. Her work places the viewer in a dreamlike landscape of pure light, texture and shapes. Claire starts her process with photography which she then digitally manipulates. After further refinement using digital sketches, Claire starts her development on canvas.

Claire studied in the UK at Falmouth School of Art, graduating in 1991 with a 1st class, BA Honors degree in Fine Art painting and printmaking. Claire moved to southern Norway in 1995 with her husband and first child. There she continued to make work, teach and have exhibitions. She currently exhibits her work with Kristiansand. 

Her art work is in many private residences in Norway, UK, Netherlands, Australia and the United States. Works have been purchased by several establishments in the UK, including Falmouth University. 

As an art educator Claire has seen a need to redefine the way people access art, and an ambition to change the way people approach art. This has lead to work being commissioned by several schools and being used to transform several public spaces in her home town of Kristiansand Norway.